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Property Management

We are providing Property Management Service in Barcelona to the owners of residential and comercial properties. Our mission is to care about your property, guarantee the safety of it and ensure profitability.


Cleaning service, gardening, domestic workers, repairs.

Economic control: choice of tenants, collecting rents, payments state costs, control in accordance with contractual agreements, control of taxation (VAT, income tax) monthly payments.

Delinquency: monitoring procedures of tenants from the outset that there is a bill pending.

Settlement deposits: review of the property, control of payment services.

Patrimonial vision

Improving equity: Equity feasibility study, valuation of properties, future prospects, specific proposals for disinvestment or reinvestment financial solutions.

Legal vision

Legal Management: leases balanced and tailored to each type of operation, questionnaire delivery and reception of each property, regulatory compliance, conflict resolution, counseling and monitoring of any legal proceedings aimed at having the property.

Total guarantee: we have the best insurance for unpaid rents.


Professional team: personal manager, financial controller.

Technological support: working directly with banks and state authorities.


100 sqm

150 sqm

200 sqm

250 sqm

300 sqm